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How to regain your Female Energy? Shakuntali Siberia helps you.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that women have unlimited amounts of energy. However, the truth is that no matter who you are - a man or a woman - you have both energies inside. It depends on you what energy becomes more apparent - a male or a female one. The energy you are mostly focused on is growing, the other one is hiding inside. Shakuntali Siberia, the Enlightened Woman, can help you to awaken your natural female energy and make it stronger.

Simple steps to release your female energy.

Shakuntali Siberia is an amazing woman. Ever since she was born, she was aware that she was different and she needs to develop her healing and magical skills to help people. Shakuntali Siberia is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess; she is the temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.

Shakuntali Siberia recommends her own formula of releasing the female energy. This is a very effective way that showed excellent results among her students. The steps of the formula are very easy.

Motion is life.

What makes everything and everybody move in this world? It is women who do. Have you ever thought about why hurricanes are mostly named with female names? This is because hurricanes reflect the motion force of women and their desire for change. Shakuntali Siberia never stays at one place for long, she travels a lot to help women all around the world.

So if you stayed up long in the office, you might want to change your job to wake up your female energy.

Create your own Garden.

Due to their beauty and grace, women were always associated with flowers. So why don't you bring some flowers into your life in order to awaken your female energy? Shakuntali Siberia always asks her students to keep in mind that the soul is also a flower that needs much care.

The more you will be nourishing your inner flower the more you will be flourishing yourself and your female energy will be growing stronger.

The art of receiving.

The male energy is about penetrating and taking away. The female energy means receiving and giving away. To awaken your female energy, Shakuntali Siberia recommends all the women to learn how to receive. This is real art, especially in times of feminism. To receive love and attention, to receive help, to receive compassion and support. Just like a flower that absorbs the nutrients, feeling that it is absolutely natural. We must learn how to receive in order to always be able to give away.

Watch your environment.

If you spend much time surrounded by males only, it is not easy to awaken your female energy. It depends on the personality of course, but sometimes other people influence us dramatically, and we unconsciously begin imitating them. This suppresses our natural female energy and doesn't allow us to be ourselves.

Many beautiful women came to Shakuntali Siberia classes with a question about why they do not have any private life even when they are always surrounded by men. Seminars of Shakuntali Siberia always help them to find themselves and open their source of the healing female energy. From that point, their life changes completely: they attain life-partners, the relationships with their relatives and friends improve, all the aspects of their lives turn to the light.

Become the one you were meant to be.

It is easy enough to awaken your female energy. It is always inside of us. We just need to recall it and do some simple steps to become more womanly than ever.

Together with Shakuntali Siberia you can become as powerful inside as you were meant to be by birth!

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