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Turn new circumstances to your great advantages, Madonna reveals how.

We used to plan almost everything. Our life, marriage, career, the birth of children, vacation, our tomorrow day 'til the minutes. But about a year ago everything has changed. We understood that actually, we can plan nothing. The holidays that we wanted to celebrate, the money we wished to earn, the ideas we desired to fulfill.

The changes that we took as the negative ones at first, somehow turned to be our new best opportunities. Many of us found so much inspiration and power inside that our lives have changed completely. One of the best guiding lights through this way can be Madonna, the Woman who lights up the hearts.

Holidays back to the centuries

If you look at peoples of different countries, you will see that there are lots of coincidences between religious traditions and beliefs. The same is about the holidays. It would be fair to say that we all have more or less the same holidays traced into the mists of time. Why is this happening? Because all the holidays are written somewhere from above. When you look at the calendar, you may find yourself in the wrong place and for the whole life, you should adjust your life to the dates mentioned there.

The important thing about any holiday is that it is timed to the position and the trajectory of the planets and their orbits. The special dates, thus, have their magic, its great power and help us to solve the problems of our life. That is why it is preferable to learn how to calculate these dates and not to look for them in the calendar.

The dates in the calendar are simply wrong because the trajectory of the orbits changes every year, that is why the dates change too. Even your birthday will not be the same day every year. You will gain the special flows of energy streaming and targeted only for you at the period when the Sun is at the same coordinates as at the moment of your birth.

Madonna reveals that it is during the private Solar time when a person can make tremendous changes in his/her life. Madonna is the Enlightened Woman, widely known as “Mother of the World”, whose life is devoted to making people's lives as happy and full of love as they can be. That is why she is doing her best now, at times of turbulence.

Madonna states that during Solar time you can do almost whatever you want: to get rid of illness, misfortune; obtain prosperity, health, love and happiness. There are almost no limits in your dreams and needs, Madonna says. The most important is to know when and how to send your messages to Cosmos.

The money we have lost

We are living in an era of consumption. On every corner we are met by the ads, most of them are showing us harmful food, medicines, new gadgets that do harm to the ecology during the manufacturing process. There is always a bright package of these products that eventually poisons the world ocean.

Thus, we use our money to buy things that mainly destroy our planet.

Madonna sees money in a different way. She sees it as a substance that helps us to create. If you use money for this purpose, you will always have plenty of it no matter what economic situation is around.

Think of money as your inner force. Before spending your money, first, ask yourself to whom you are going to give it (money and your energy), and the answer will tell you what to do.

Madonna recommends the universal formula for being always prosperous: spend one-third of your income for the development of your mind and soul. And you will never feel emptiness either in your soul or in your pocket.

Dreams that make us act

Do you believe that it is you who create the ideas that come into your head? Indeed, the ideas really come as from nowhere. The thing is that they are created at the subtle plan and are sent to the appropriate people who are able to make them happen in the material world.

Madonna clearly sees several levels of ideas. The more developed we become inside, the higher ideas are sent to us. The Powers from above feel our vibrations and the energy that we are keeping inside, and send us the spiritual ideas that are important for the survival and flourishing of our planet. On the contrary, feeling low vibrations from some people, the Higher powers send them low-level ideas. These are stereotypes, unreasonable dogmas, denials, unfair condemnations. These ideas are spreading all over the world causing wars, mistrust, hatred. They do not bring anything good to the world and to those who are speaking about them because they take away their energy.

Your new opportunities are near you

Madonna sees her mission in life as helping people with spiritual self-development and increasing their inner energy, for they would get only higher ideas and keep living an interesting life. Join Madonna whether by her site or by her YouTube channel. You will always find lots of free information there for making yourself happier and healthier. The schedule of the online events is very convenient, and you always may find something to incorporate it into your daily routine. The classes of Madonna's Temple School are unique, and students learn there about simple techniques to develop their mind and soul and regain their real Power given to them by birth.

Join Madonna and make your dreams fly high and come true!

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