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What is the Lilith eZine?

The Lilith eZine is a collective group of editors and writers who feel strongly about a variety of topics and we write about them, promoting a social cause we feel needs to be rectified.

Some of our topics include:

  • Art History
  • Automotives
  • Canada
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental
  • Fashion
  • Feminism
  • Gothic
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Our writers our not salaried, our staff do not make a profit, and all advertising on this website goes towards paying for the server, our internet access and occasionally new computers for our senior editors so we can keep new content flowing regularly.

    We appreciate donations (via PayPal) and we also accept advertising that we feel is not hurtful to women, discriminatory or promotes a product we find dubious in nature. If you have any questions check our advertising policy.

    We are dedicated to providing non-biased content, but at that same we tackle topics that are often inherently controversial and we don't expect everyone to agree with us.

    To keep things utterly fair we aim to approach controversial things like religion (for example) from a scientific or anthropological perspective (anthropology is the study of human beings). We realize this sometimes bothers some religious people whom are convinced their religion is the right one and believe we are being blasphemous when we refer to religious stories as mythology, but we ask that you keep your mind inside the context of what you are reading. We're not writing from the perspective of a devotee of your religion, we're writing as human beings studying a cultural aspect of human history and mythology.

    It is true the Lilith eZine does promote various topics, and one of those topics is understanding and tolerance. It is our goal to create articles which introduce other people to study aspects of human culture which they might not otherwise get a chance to learn about.

    If you have a complaint about something we've written please feel free to email us. We appreciate your comments, although we do sometimes archive your funny hatemail because its amusing.

    Better yet, if you'd like to contribute to the Lilith eZine we are always looking for new writers who are dedicated to a cause and have high standards when it comes to researching and writing indepth and fascinating articles.

    Our Blog

    We also operate a blog called the Lilith News, which you are encouraged to check out. Indeed our network includes a sum 50 different blogs, but the Lilith News is our foremost important one wherein we cover day-to-day news headlines.

    Our History

    The Lilith eZine started as a sub-section of the Lilith Gallery, but we have since branched off on our own and become significantly bigger than the art gallery section. We still maintain our ties to the Lilith Gallery, but its not the focus of our site any more.

    In our early days we also created a page called 1001 Feminist Links, which was essentially just a links page, but over time we discovered some of the links were going dead as older websites were being deleted by their owners. Some of the articles we deemed important for the history of feminism on the internet and we decided to start preserving the articles in a section of our website which was later renamed the Feminist eZine. Around the same time we joined up with Suzanne MacNevin, an outspoken feminist, who has since become one of our senior editors, and a chief writer of many of articles you find in both the Feminist eZine and in many of the other sections of the Lilith eZine.

    Likewise we also dedicated a section towards art history, which eventually became the Art History Archive, a resource website for art historians, students and helpful for anyone who just happens to love art. Because of the size and scale of the website however (there's innumerable artists out there) the Art History Archive will never be completed. It will only grow and grow.

    Our network (the Lilith Gallery Network) will continue to grow and evolve as all things are wont to do. We hope you enjoy your stay and bookmark us for future reference.

    Best wishes!

    The Lilith eZine Staff

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